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The Style for Summer: Colour of the Year

You’re wondering where to start with your wardrobe for this Spring/Summer 2022? We’re  going to provide you with an insight on how to keep your wardrobe up to date with the  latest trends. Fashionable colours and patterns to bring life to your outfits, leaving behind  the dull, dark colours of a cold winter. 

A bright and sunny summers day full of colours! A summer palette full of vibrant and  energetic colours that match this summers trend. However, If your still a fan of the subtle  colours of winter there’s a perfect palette for you this summer too.  

Colour of the year: Very Peri 

Source: Pantone  

Pantone Colour Institutes trend forecasting and colour consultancy, published a fashion  colour trend report for this Spring/Summer 2022. Very Peri, a hue between blue and red  was announced colour of the year. A warm colour that inspires inventiveness and creativity which should be portrayed in your outfits this summer. This colour is a brand new custom  colour which has been added to the pantone colour palette, the first time pantone has  created a custom colour. A colour of perfect mix, not too light so its classed as a pastel and  not too bright where its considered a neon. 

How to wear Very Peri: 

Designers have picked up on this colour and implemented it with  

staple pieces throughout their seasonal wear. Classy and elegant  

looks to match the colours definition of wealth and royalty which  

reinforces luxury brands and their brand ethos.  

Commonly very peri is worn in an monochromatic outfit however it  

can also be showcased through staple pieces in an outfit. You can  

wear the colour across many different shades whether its light or  

dark, any shade of this colour is fashionable when paired with  

different textured items.

With very peri being such a versatile colour you have the ability todecide on which side of  the spectrum of colour you want to lean towards. For example in spring or summer you can  opt for a pastel shade whereas in fall or winter the more bolder colours are suitable. 

If you’re not a fan of the colour very peri as a prominent colour in your outfit, why not try to  accessorise it through bags, glasses, socks… any hint of this colour will have you looking on  trend.

The Style for Summer: Colour of the Year