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Spring/Summer 2022 Womenswear Patterns & Trends

Identifying emerging trends in patterns for 2022 

A transition from edgy streetwear has seen the emergence of a desire for feminine expression which has formed a stream of pretty floral prints, calm nature patterns and abstract designs. 

From decorated geometric patterns to expressive color combinations, we can identify an artist's modus operandi for creating new life in the fashion landscape. 

We have identified several prints and patterns for the season Spring/Summer 2022 which will be detailed in the blog below, highlighting numerous on-trend prints & patterns to keep you up to date in the fashion world.


Floral Patterns 

At EmmaMorgan we host a variety of womenswear with many different styles of floral print. Due to its versatility floral print can be worn on any occasion and can be styled with almost anything. When styling floral print it is important to stick to one print throughout the outfit because mixing and matching can make the outfit look too busy. 

A good example of styling floral print is to decide which part of your outfit should showcase the pattern. For example a plain top with floral skirt will accentuate the skirt providing a more cohesive look. 

Source: Vogue India & Patternbank


Animal Kingdom 

Fashionable patterns and prints take on the animal kingdom to produce tropical prints that commemorate the beauty of our wildlife. Placing the center of attention on the fascinating creatures of our planet. 

Animal prints have become a common trend of every year fashion apparel and is now considered a timeless trend. Year on, the animal patterns and prints become modernized appealing to the current market. EmmaMorgan captures these trends and helps you learn how to apply it in everyday outfits. 

Regularly, Animal prints are worn in the winter and paired with darker coloured and themed items, however we’ll be providing you with an insight on how to rock these prints in summer. The conventional leopard print and zebra prints can be worn easily as dresses and blouses showcasing a sassy look, However newer contemporary prints can be worn as staple pieces matched with more simple coloured apparel.


Source: Omnes & Patternbank


Tie-Dye Print 

A creative experiment with water colors to create a wonderful psychedelic-esque experience apparel. Popular in the 60s-70s hippie culture, Tie-Dye re-gained traction in the late 90s and early 00s, now once again making a late comeback with a reinvisioned contemporary twist in modern day fashion. 

Tye-Dye can be worn as a staple piece paired with tonal colors, for example a Tie-Dye t-shirt with white chinos. This would place emphasis on the staple piece which is the t-shirt. 

Source: Amiri & Patternbank

Spring/Summer 2022 Womenswear Patterns & Trends