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How to implement colour in your outfit?

Having a colour contrast in your outfit can really make it pop! A simple mix and match done correctly can make a massive difference as well as it being aligned to the seasonal colours around you. Colours have a massive impact on how we present, express and discover ourselves. 

Depending on which season it is, the colours you wear should reflect this. In the summertime when your environment around you is vibrant, full of colour, greens, oranges, yellows these will really make you stand out in a crowd. Look for colours that will match and harmonize with your features; eye colour, hair and skin tone this will drive the focus both on your clothes and physical features! 

One thing you must be aware of is your skin tone. Certain colours really compliment your complexion. If you have a lighter skin tone, brighter colours really make your features stand. If you have a darker skin tone then colours such as white, khaki, plum, orange and light blue suit your complexion extremely well. Not to forget gold jewellery looks really good on your skin!. Make sure that if you have an ounce of vibrant colour in your outfit, you also have a natural colour to balance the outfit. This allows that one piece to stand out making it a staple piece for your outfit. 

Colour wheel plays an important part, once you master this then nothing can stop you. There are three ways to implement colours: 

1. Pick one colour and match the rest of your outfit with natural colours such as :White, black, beige and nude. 2. Analogous colours are next to each other on the colour wheel and share a common hue. When incorporating new colours into your wardrobe, find a colour that suits you. For example, light blue. On the colour wheel, blue falls between teal and blue-violet, this means you can match light blue with either of those colours depending on your taste. This will create a two-colour palette tone outfit. 

3. Complementary colours are the opposite colours of the colour wheel. You might think this is crazy because they are the total opposite, however when they are combined together it makes a beautiful power clash. For example: fuchsia and chartreuse, or Burgundy and forest green.