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Different flattering silhouettes for all body types:

The beauty about fashion is that there are no rights or wrongs. One should be able to express themselves and their body shape however they want. Feeling good and looking your best is a top priority, however this can be difficult at times when you don’t know what suits you. We are here to guide you. 

The meaning behind our name Emma means ‘whole’ or ‘universe’, this is why we try our best to tailor to everyone as we believe no one should ever feel left out. Our team researches the latest trends, then hand picks clothes we know you and your customers will love. We pick the material which we believe is the most comfortable to the skin and in tune with the weather conditions. 

Everyone has different body types and silhouettes. It's just about finding what looks good on you and how you feel in what you wear. We can’t emphasise enough about positive body image. No matter the body type you are beautiful and unique and that you don’t need to change in order to feel better. Knowing your body shape helps you to choose clothes that look better on you. Female body shapes are all different because of genetics and your skeleton structure. Instead of going against our body shape let’s work with it. 

Let’s talk about different female body shapes? 

To understand your body shape fully you will need to measure your body and then see which body shape you fit in the best. There are 5 most common body shapes: Round, Pear, Inverted Triangle, Rectangular and Hourglass. Measure your chest, stomach and hips. Once measured, write down your dimensions and you can begin to find what suits your silhouette the best. You can quickly find patterns and styles that will compliment your body shape amazingly. With our wide range of products there is something for everyone. ranging from skirts and dresses to blouses and shirts you can find what suits you best here at Emma Morgan. We are constantly changing every week so new styles are just a click away.

For an hourglass figure it is important to have a balanced outfit which flows and fits your figure perfectly. When shopping you should avoid oversize dresses and shapeless styles which will make your outfit look boxy and square shaped. Looking more towards cinched waistline clothes and form fitting tops to match your body type. Also, by having a belt to go over your dress allows you to get the most out of your hourglass shape.



When having an athletic (triangular) shaped body type, it is essential to stay away from sharp points on your outfit. Such as avoiding curve hugging fabrics, puffy skirts and oversized styles. Again, having a balanced proportionate outfit which can be bigger from the bottom and fitted from the top allows you to have more volume from the upper part of your outfit. Having fitted tops and looser clothes from the waist down compliments your thin waist by having your outfit flow from one piece to another. 



With a rectangle body shape you want to create a waistline, try to avoid the same size top and bottoms. To create the illusion of a waistline use belts, mid-waisted trousers, and belted jackets. Try to avoid silhouettes that are straight jackets and straight trousers and there are too many vertical-like shapes together. Pick softer fabrics can also help you elevate your look. 



Round/apple shapes are known for a larger upper body than lower body with less definition on the waistline. This body shape has great legs but lacks definition from the hips up. It can be difficult to shop for as the tendency is to buy oversized clothes. To aim for a balanced look try well-fitted tailored tops and jackets that are not skin tight, paired with jeans. For dresses opt for a slim fit dress that hits above the knee, or pencil skirts paired with a loose-fit top. For my plus size ladies a good idea is to start from the top and work your way down. Tunic Tops to V necks and A line silhouettes are a perfect beginning not only are they flattering but also very comfortable pieces. If you’re a fan of dresses during this lovely summer time then you’re in luck because strapless dresses look amazing on. Maxi dresses with low necklines are also super attractive. However if ever in doubt dark colours can be a look that's slimming. 


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Different flattering silhouettes for all body types: